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  1. Dude having come across your work for years it's nice to see you still work on stuff, your work is usually stunning
  2. I really should start using this site more again.... been a while... and i miss modding xD need an excuse
  3. wow dude, i only just came across your map on various sites, been busy on it for years from the looks of it, any chance of a pre-release? i could seriously enjoy just walking around that thing in single player for hours, it does make me think my own maps are trash but ill forgive you xD
  4. this would be AWESOME, nice little additions like this once they come together are what make games progress =D
  5. love the work on this epic job
  6. thanks for the reply, hey i dont mind at all id rather learn to perfect it myself, but the more ive mapped over the years the more ive come to realise id be much better if i could perfect or atleast understand hinting and using prtlviewer etc. ill take a read of those now, thanks
  7. ok so as it says, i have trouble with hinting and using portalviewer to optimize my map, basically because i truely just dont understand it, i got to grips with everything pretty quickly but ive struggled to really understand how to use either of them to help with my mapping. ive built a fairly large map, been working on it for around 4 years on and off (clan died, came back, died, etc etc etc lol) images and link to pk3 below but basically i was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my .map file to see if they can pretty much fix it for me...... i realise thats alot to actually ask but nothing i read on either of them really make any sense to me whatsoever so it would be truely appreciated the map as it stand lags fairly badly at the main spawn room, its a big area, part of a mountain top, the rest of the following rooms are fine though in terms of FPS and ive checked in game using developer 1 and showtris etc, areaportals and door etc seem to be doing there job, one or two structural walls though dont seem to quite be doing what they should in that one main area i mentioned if all else fails ill obviously go back to the drawing board and remake the entire of the main spawn section of the map, but considering i know maps like naboo are ridiculously big without many problems, im sure there must be some ways of fixing this (ive already used distancecull etc just incase someone asks) if someone wants to take a look for me then i will love you forever haha, and more than happy to put your credits on the loading screen. also if anyone wants to try and make the gong by the tower work feel free, ive not got round to fixing that either ( map file is inside the maps folder of the pk3 there is no BSP present to save upload/download time as you can just compile it yourself im sure ) http://www.sendspace.com/file/2j1o0g OR https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75337214/azuma_mountain.pk3 images:
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