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  1. These are nice, the DT85 original model was awesome but you have take something that was great and perfected it in all its details and added three movie accurate variants. I use your storm trooper now in Academy, just one gripe. the shine is WAY over the top. I like my stormtroopers with a bit of shine too but the shaders you have included are so incredibly shinty that they actually dont even look white at certain distances any more, they look metallic, and that is not movie accurate. If you could perhaps reduce the glare or offer two different versions, one ultra shiny and one normal shiny that would be great. As is, I was simply forced to remove the shader completely. I would rather have a matte white Stormtrooper than a shiny silver one. If you are no longer working with this mod, I might try to figure out how to change shader intensity and make an improved improved version of this trooper.
  2. I love the mod, all the sabers I could ever want, but I noticed one problem with it. The saber on and off sounds default to the weak sounds that the cultist sabers make, the default sounds, even if you have a mod for custom sounds. The other sounds from my custom saber sound mod work fine, just the on and off sounds revert to the weak cultist sabers. I fixed this in your mod by manually adding the saberon and saberoff sounds from the Original Trilogy Saber Sounds mod. I also added the hum. I named the sounds "def_saberon, def_saberoff, and def_saberhum" and then added the following lines to the end of every saber in your "saber_plasma.sab" file that was not tied to some other custom sounds: soundOn "sound/weapons/saber_plasma/def_saberon.wav" soundOff "sound/weapons/saber_plasma/def_saberoff.wav" soundLoop "sound/weapons/saber_plasma/def_saberhum.wav" This gives all of those sabers a better sounding default opening and closing and hum than what the game provides. Again, this was needed because the game was not allowing my saber sound mod to use its opening and closing sounds, and the mod is in the proper order. If you like, I can email the modified mod, no need to mention me in any credits. I think its better with the better opening and closing sounds and hum.
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