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  1. Dude it works! Thanks a bunch! A couple of things arent the same like Darth Vaders quicker walk instead of running but that isnt to important Last question i swear, i read somewhere that if a mod for example changes walking and nothing else if you put that mod above the stance mod they will work together? I found a stance mod that changes how they walk with sabers, they walk like normal humans instead of the default stuttering step with two lightsabers so dont know if it will corrupt or crash my game if i try it
  2. Hello There! I Installed the KOTF mod recently found out that it had a rebirth and wanted to get the Movie Duel stances into it especially the unique ones (Like Dooku) anyone knows how to do this
  3. Hello there. Ive played the orginal KOTF as a kid, and unfortunately i still am a kid when it comes to modding. Happy that the new KOTF versions are coming out because this is my favourite mod ever. Got a question, i have seen that in KOTF 2.2 will add some animations to some characters. I found some animation mods seperate of KOTF and a cool Clone Wars Obi wan kenobi model. Can i put them in the game and not break KOTF and how do i select them without the menu because i pressume they will not show up there.
  4. do you still have the version 1 file and does this mod remove the yellow glow on the hilt ?
  5. I cant find it i rememberd it removes the yellow glow on the hilt when you use the force to get your lightsaber when you loose it also it gives a thiner look to the LS and uses some great effects almost like a sun beam https://jkhub.org/files/file/1668-the-ladder-original-jk2-level-ja-version/ similar to this one the effect i mean
  6. I remember a mod where the lightsaber were thin and realistic lightning when two lightsaber come together can anybody find it for me i cant find it for some reason Edit: Ehh the lightsaber when the colide it produces a yellow light but a realistic not vanilla
  7. Thanks friend you are really helpfull edit: where can i find the tutorial for cmake May the force be with you!
  8. I think i get it but just to be sure first download openjk then i find those values and change them
  9. so if i do this i can put more NPCs ?
  10. So im new to Jedi knight jedi academy and found out that you can put all the iconic charachters so i downloaded a lot of them and put them into the game but i put to many of them and now its says i need to get the files smaller to work.i was reading about a OpenJk that can make all of the npc usable at once but i dont know how do i use it if someone could help me that would be great !
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