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  1. I’m a fan. By the way, if they ever bring back online servers that play just like the pc servers then send me a message on here. It would be nostalgic.
  2. That’s awesome what was your tag? It was. What’s the source code? I never got too into downloads because of the virus risk. I was into coding for keys.
  3. Very cool. I was into customized saber colors, saw a 28 saber color file lol. I saw yours, didn’t used to be able to have a staff and duel saber that’s a good idea. Even back in 05, 06 there was already tons of tricked out mods.
  4. Good to know. Have they updated the game at all? Such as any new third party downloads? Enhance the graphics, or any new levels? Again, last I was active on the game was around 2005-2006. I’m curious.
  5. With the original Xbox version how is online play comparable to pc? Are there American servers? And are these servers shared with other Xbox connections?
  6. This is an original (back when the game was relatively new and much more popular- not that I play it now) player. I really would like to maybe one day play this game again. I moved on to strictly Xbox as my platform for gaming. However I still have great memories of this game and was just thinking if Lucas Arts remade or could just publish an Xbox variance of the Jedi Knight Jedi Academy game then I would be one of the first to buy it if that means anything. I could even provide ideas for button layout but I think that it would be possible just as it was done on the pc. Maybe I could even see some of the other originals show out from the American servers and we could all reunite.
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