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  1. I'm asking how to use cheats in the multiplayer of the single player
  2. What about console commands in multiplayer?
  3. I'm asking how to use cheats in the multiplayer of the single player
  4. I forgot to throw the link sorry https://jkhub.org/files/file/1973-fja-scripts/
  5. And how to run in the single player through the console will not work?
  6. It turns out the behavior of NPS is written in the maps I understand you correctly?
  7. Found this mod and I was wondering how you can write actions NPCs. Can someone make a training video on this topic with Russian subtitles? https://jkhub.org/files/file/1973-fja-scripts/
  8. What about console commands in multiplayer?
  9. This mod allows bots to walk! How to use this script in the game? Please make a detailed video on this topic, preferably with Russian subtitles, I will be very grateful!
  10. I need a cheat on invisibility and camera settings. Just need cheats on all animations
  11. Do it me please, I don't really understand this mechanism of yours
  12. "and still no lines to call camsp"-Where to find? Dear colleague. I am from Russia and it is extremely difficult for me to understand what you want from me(((( If it's that simple, can you just reset the modified pk3? By telling me what you changed about him
  13. Look. Mod animation works fine, but with camsp problems https://yadi.sk/i/qpnOGhBUiWMFUQ
  14. I did the right thing? https://yadi.sk/d/n-LgUUl9TJQ8Iw
  15. Sorry, maybe I misunderstood you. I created a separate pk3 with the ingame.txt. But it failed... I'm bad at combining mods, if it's that simple, could you show me how it's done? https://yadi.sk/d/l3KBSLCzgub2Gg
  16. I need these two mods to work together! But I can't put them together! They conflict and do not work together ((( I need to 1 mod was on bind Z, 2 mod was on bind 3 Mods: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3280-animations-menu-for-sp-11-beta/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/1829-camsp/
  17. I make films. I need to press the button and the character starts moving his lips. You don't understand me.
  18. What if they made an animation? How to use it on the bot?
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