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  1. I'm asking how to use cheats in the multiplayer of the single player
  2. I forgot to throw the link sorry https://jkhub.org/files/file/1973-fja-scripts/
  3. And how to run in the single player through the console will not work?
  4. It turns out the behavior of NPS is written in the maps I understand you correctly?
  5. Found this mod and I was wondering how you can write actions NPCs. Can someone make a training video on this topic with Russian subtitles? https://jkhub.org/files/file/1973-fja-scripts/
  6. What about console commands in multiplayer?
  7. This mod allows bots to walk! How to use this script in the game? Please make a detailed video on this topic, preferably with Russian subtitles, I will be very grateful!
  8. L303


    How instal and use?
  9. I need a cheat on invisibility and camera settings. Just need cheats on all animations
  10. Do it me please, I don't really understand this mechanism of yours
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