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  1. Ever had this happen? I got stuck, mid-dab but the other seemed to not mind me.. for a while. (Also notice modern JKA poke technique at 0:55)
  2. Thanks for your input! I was also thinking to include (possibly): The community (Includes chatting, making friends, clans etc) Modding Competitive (duels, tffa, etc) I would love more suggestions. Picking #1 won't be easy...
  3. Hello! A while back I made a video about things players HATE about the game, be it laming or connection problems. (I'll link the video here also). I'm now thinking about making a video about stuff people LOVE (or like) with the game and I'm curious if you wanna help me out? It can be anything, but hopefully something that is realtively easy to demonstrate in a video. I know there was some salt about the last one being about JA+ in particular so I wanna try to be more all inclusive this time. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=126&v=kLzE4RWffUw (Video might not work embedded, go to youtube to watch if thats the case)
  4. Hi Here is some light jedi parkour in two diffrent settings, quite fun routes I found, if you wanna try them out. I wanted them to look vibrant and colorful with some music to grove to, so it's some sort of visual exerpeince as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKUq4ls8FEU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofWauFCj6Y0
  5. I mean I have a hard time following all these hair colors. Black, yellow, pink (?), blue and white? (I'm not an expert at this). I much like when goku just punched stuff as a kid
  6. I think it went a bit off rails lately with all the forms, but I enjoyed the first mangas (as goku as a kid)... as a kid.
  7. A tragic story about remorse, betrayal, BJs and anger
  8. For me, I grew up with it. It's also the first (and only) anime I've watched. (I also read some of the manga)
  9. Your two favorite things - combined! Edit: Just now realised there is a Goku skin but WHATHEVHEHA
  10. Take it with a grain of salt, it isn't supposed to be super serious, and my sample size is rather small. Personally I think it's super annoying that you can't have padawan nick on some servers because it's "too anonymous". It's okay to have padawen or asjdoiglkgt though. Should've added that to the list...
  11. I thought of that too, might be an idea to make one for basers or other mods too. Regardless I'm sure people are familliar with these points as well..
  12. Hello everyone this is big moist with a big message: I've compiled a list after asking around and made a video about the 10 things JKA players hate the most. You might not agree or have things to add - and that's OK! I know there is plenty of room for another list. Please have a look, the rest of my channel has tons of JKA videos too. I'm having alot of fun making them and I guess it's my way of supporting this now pretty old game.
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