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  1. World Between Worlds

    Important UPDATE. This map is a personal interpretation of the World Between Worlds as seen in the show Star Wars Rebels.
    Please read the changelog below. I strongly recommend updating the map to its latest version. Apologies for the inconveniences.
    Hello there, my name is Reep, and this is the first map I've published and probably ever will.
    Basically, a few days ago I remembered reading about a mod request post asking for a map of the World Between Worlds...
    So I thought I could try to do something like that to learn and to add in the form of an extra room to a map I was/am working on, but since I won't be releasing that map ever I thought I should make the World Between Worlds room a separate, expanded map, and release it.
    I wanted it to resemble the looks of the show as much as possible within reason/restraints, personal preference and lack of higher knowledge, though note that my main focus here was not to create an exact replica of the layout as seen in the show but rather my interpretation of it, so as to be playable for duels or small FFA/TFFA.
    README file with more details:


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