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  1. World Between Worlds

    This map is a personal interpretation of the World Between Worlds as seen in the show Star Wars Rebels.
    Hello there, it is me, Reepray 😃
    This map was started and released a year ago, and since then I felt it needed an update. The last updates have aimed to improve the visual aspect of the map. It now has music and when strolling around the map you'll sometimes hear Morai hoot  😃
    I hope you like the new look! It should more closely resemble the show, plus be less obnoxious to the eyes due to the now blueish color of the portals and paths, and the improved skybox textures, which are less cluttered with stars and of higher resolution.
    The map is built to support Duel and small FFA/TFFA. The map has only been tested in the vanilla game.
    For more information please read this copy of the readme file (Version November 11, 2021)
    Original (release day) text explaining the motivation behind the creation of this map 😃


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