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  1. You, sir, have opened a new door for me. Thanks for the advise, I'll try it imediately.
  2. Well, that's true but I can't see a skin of Goro or Sheeva or Kintaro in a General Grievous model...
  3. Khameleon with "K" is a girl (in the N64 version she has her debut). Chameleon with the "C" is the male, in the PC and Playstation versions. I didn't include him here because he will look just like Smoke.
  4. Thank you, but it's difficult, maybe shao kahn but he will look very small... there are not models with four arms...
  5. Version 1.0


    After too many years I decided to update my Mortal Kombat Ninjas Skin Pack. And I did almost all of the klassic characters of this game. I hope you like them, It has been a lot of work. Of course some skins will look akward for the lack of proper models. More info in the readme. All of the skins have the color variations, and some of them have special variations, that are listed bellow. Characters in this pack: - Baraka - Cyrax - Ermac (corrected eye color) - Jade - Jax - Johnny Cage (with the MK4 tuxedo variant) - Kano - Khameleon - Kitana - Liu Kang (both MK3 and MK4 variants) - Mileena - Nightwolf - Noob Saibot - Raiden (with a lightning bolt shader across his body) - Rain - Reptile (Both MK4 and UMK3 variants) - Scarlet (I know she wasn't in MKT, it's here just for the "RED" team skin) - Scorpion (with alternate head, unmasked and texture updates) - Sektor - Shang Tsung - Cyber Smoke - Human Smoke - Sonya (MK4 and MK3 variants) - Striker - Sub Zero (MK4, and UMK3) Not in this pack: - Kabal - Kung Lao - Sheeva I couldn't find anywhere a model that would have fitted this three characters, so that's why they are not here. Of course none of the bosses either.
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