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  1. Apprentice's post in Skyrim to GTKRadiant was marked as the answer   
    ASE files are both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it can contain complex structures in very odd angles (not too much but way more then when it was done with brushwork) and a curse because you cannot move them outside the Base/Maps folder. 
    This, however, can be circumvented, altough not in GTK Radiant. An ASE file is nothing more then a *.txt file, which can be edited by Notepad (or another program). I don't know about other programs but by default when Q3map2 is creating an *.ASE file, the following occurs:

    *MATERIAL 1 { *MATERIAL_NAME "textures/system/caulk" *MATERIAL_CLASS "Standard" *MATERIAL_DIFFUSE 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 *MATERIAL_SHADING Phong *MAP_DIFFUSE { *MAP_NAME "textures/system/caulk" *MAP_CLASS "Bitmap" *MAP_SUBNO 1 *MAP_AMOUNT 1.0 *MAP_TYPE Screen *BITMAP "..\textures\system\caulk.tga" *BITMAP_FILTER Pyramidal } }The reason why don't see any textures in Radiant is because of the *BITMAP -line. This happens is because Radiant is looking for the textures in the wrong folder. Normally Radiant will look for textures in the GameData/Base/Textures folder but now the ASE model is telling Radiant to look in the Gamedata/Textures folder, which off course does not exists (normally), which would require for the ASE model to remain in the maps folder at all times. What I always do, is to change that particular line to:

    *MATERIAL 1 { *MATERIAL_NAME "textures/system/caulk" *MATERIAL_CLASS "Standard" *MATERIAL_DIFFUSE 1.000000 1.000000 1.000000 *MATERIAL_SHADING Phong *MAP_DIFFUSE { *MAP_NAME "textures/system/caulk" *MAP_CLASS "Bitmap" *MAP_SUBNO 1 *MAP_AMOUNT 1.0 *MAP_TYPE Screen *BITMAP "textures/system/caulk.tga" *BITMAP_FILTER Pyramidal } }This will cause Radiant to look for the textures in the correct folder and will therefor display the model with textures (as long as they are present for custom textures) plus it enables me to move the ASE model into models/<map name> folder rather then remaining in the /maps folder.
    Hope this helps
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