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  1. It is even more unfortunate that Zel and your artworks are great. You have all the skills in hand to make original content.
  2. The best thing would be to, at least, name the author of the models/skins/kitbashs you use or steal from. Especially when the content is from another comunity that specifically state that all content is for private use in their rules.
  3. Is the person making those female skins on JKHub? Cause I see some strange similarities from other skins.
  4. Can you explain how you would do that ? I don't see how to import the files listed in your link nor how to retarget this onto the JA skeleton.
  5. I found out what was wrong : I was missing some vertex groups in the weight tool. It works fine now, thanks a lot for the help.
  6. I don't really understand how it works. Do you have a reference model I could download to have a look on how it's made ?
  7. Thanks, so I need to break the hairs into two peices and bound one to the torso ? Will it not act weird with the animations, like visible edges or cuts ?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm quite new to modelling for JKA. I've followed the Blender - JKA - Frankenstein Modelling tutorial that was quite helpful. So I managed to frankenstien my model into what I was looking for but comes an issue. My character has long hairs (barely to the bottom of her back) so naturally they follow the moves of the head during the animations, the issue is that they don't collide with the rest of the model and pass through it. Is there a way to avoid such behaviour and have the hair at least deforming instead of passing through? Thanks in advance.
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