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  1. The link to the Launcher in KOTF Development leads to a dead ModDB file.
  2. I recently downloaded the Revenge Of The Sith Map Pack featuring Utapau and Mustafar. I decided I wanted to change the Mustafar music to a longer track. I downloaded an MP3 and replaced the mus1.mp3 file in the music folder with the new one. First I got a qpath filename error so I shortened the .mp3 filename to h.mp3. Then I changed the BSP to play h.mp3 instead of mus1.mp3. Now i have a new error. "Error: CM_LoadMap: maps_sjc_mustafar_area1.bsp has wrong version number (538976257 should be 1) when trying to load up the map in the console. I'm just at a loss at this point. The map won't start up at all. Help?
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