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  1. Any chance you could make a version that doesn't replace the reborn warriors?
  2. Any chance you could update this for singleplayer now?
  3. Hey man, for the mandalorian crusader, is that singleplayer compatable? and is there a name for the playermodel so i can use it?

    1. AuriusPheonix


      The name of the model is Mandocrusader.

      It would be very easy to whip up a NPC file and use it in singleplayer. One day, probably soon, I'll update the model and skins for singleplayer compatibility.

    2. SteveTheHero


      Awesome, i look forward to it! Thanks for the response, i'd like to donate to your paypal if you would like as well.

    Great model! I was just wondering, if you ever get back on jkhub, is there a chance you could add this for singleplayer use? i tried using playermodel clonepiper_hood and nothing seems to work. great model though, hope it can be updated in the future!
  4. Easily my favorite and preferred model to play in singleplayer and multiplayer,body proportions are awesome, bigger built than most other character models. awesome work man!
  5. Hey dusty, was wondering if there would be an option to modify projectile speed by chance?
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