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  1. Hey, First of all i came here and i think this Jkhub looks great amazing cool. and so on But there is one thing what really pisses me off xD.... if you go to downloads. There is nowhere what tells you to choose between Jk2 files or Jk3 files. i reallize this is no filefront. But could you pleasee in godsname and in the name of the entire Jedi Knight Series. just Make something so it would be easyer to find Jk2 mods here?. maybe ive seen something over my head im sorry if thats true. but ive searched a bit. and i cant find any normal thing related to jk2. Anyway. I am looking for someone who is able to create a Jk2 Model / Skin for me. I am Willing to pay. becaose for some reason people are only making Jk3 skins. and not jk2 skins. so i would really love to see a Darth revan skin in jk2. and i know there are 1 - 2 darth revan skins already made for jk2 but they are crap. and look terrible to be honnest. They dont have a Cape they dont have the lower legg thing etc. This is how the darth revan skin looks in jk3 Example Crap version: Example GOOD VERSION: I would love to have this skin in jk2. the GOOD VERSION XD.ive always been a big fan of darth revan. so thats why im willing to pay for it. sorry for my lack of english im still workin on it. Anyway let me know if u can help me Kind Regards, Killahkeezy.
  2. looking for someone who's able to create a jk2 Revan Model.

  3. Hi, plz read my post on your swtor sabers release topic! Thankyouuu :)http://jkhub.org/files/file/2304-the-old-republic-saber-colors-final/

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    2. Daedra


      Yeah I need you to tell me exactly if there are any errors (red text or yellow text) in the cheat console while using the mod.

    3. killahkeezy


      i got 2 warnings, 1 warning is default even happends withoud the mod(THIS ONE:http://prntscr.com/8d3u0z) is already inside jk2 i guess, but this one seems a bit ott (strange) second one: the strange one: http://prntscr.com/8d3ude

    4. killahkeezy


      those are printscreens btw xD

  4. Hi, im currently testing this on jk2 and it works actually quied fine im verry setisfied with the colors it looks awesome but there is one bug. look There is a black core or something is there a way to fix this for jk2??? Would appreciatie it really love these colors this only happends when you use "GRIP" on someone.
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