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    Jedi Hoth

    Thanks! Is my First Skin
  2. Zyk!!!!!!!!! Epic Mod :ooooo /model Zyk_gordo
  3. Sdeltroomt7

    Jedi Hoth

    Version 1.0


    Hi all ! I'm sdeltroomt and this time I bring something fresh, I bring the model of the old Jedi but now clothing Hoth! I hope you like
  4. This is the problem when I try to play with the pk3 edited, stretch the image with the same dimensions as those of Cerez and happens http://fotos.subefotos.com/897d405f9e8df2b549c1323873afeaf4o.png
  5. Hi all, I want to know how to create a fund for the console jka , someone give me a tutorial?
  6. Today I come to this post more than anything to help, JKA and servers are about to fall and need help to avoid this, The Latin clan known as jho aims to end all Latin Jka and USA for only a ban on server a We need support server ...
  7. Hi all, I come to ask if they know this skin and if they can provide the link ? http://postimg.org/image/xa298irwr/
  8. The truth never knew download the JA ++ your product, certainly this that I have provided him by a friend, I would like to know how to download the entire JA ++ with animations and files together and not piecemeal , besides the animations of the servers JA + do not walk me
  9. Hello everyone ! Today I was playing JK3 with the JA ++ and Openjk and I get this error ! Someone could help me? http://postimg.org/image/scwjg94xx/ Unknow forceprev Unknow forcenext
  10. Thanks for the help of the 2 , JA++ Soon I will try! , ChaoticConundrum , You are Art ?!!!
  11. http://postimg.org/image/q9uugx0cf/ As I put chat up there?
  12. Omg this is a cool skin , Great job dude
  13. Hey guys ! I come to share my Thug Life list made by my https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOhVjNVcyMQ&list=PLsyvjqyK82u-01ZtxrSQWqk-rQVOYN1Xr&index=1 Like and Sub
  14. Oh thanks! And so neglected CFG I have already solved, Emmm where I could get Jedi Knight Galaxies? Thanks For your help bro!
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