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  1. hey, I tried this tutorial and it worked. but then all of a sudden it stopped working and the problem appeared again - what do I do?...
  2. how do I remove the weapon animations?
  3. How do I remove the weapon animations? it crashes when I try jedi outcast in jedi academy
  4. Hey ya'll I started out a little project converting Jedi outcast SP to a story line set during the clone wars featuring 'Jedi Master Echuu Shen Jon', known from Star wars galactic battlegrounds. I'm even replacing the sounds files to make a completly new feeling to the single player and all other things (models, music etc) I don't only wanna try this out myself, so I figured I'd ask if this is still intresting in sharing for others (you) in the jedi knight community? So is it? :> don't want to waste all the time it takes just to try it myself
  5. Is it? because then I might just stop what I'm currently doing.......... Im using audio files from different star wars games putting them into a conversion of SP.
  6. is it easier and possible to convert a JKA skin to JKO?
  7. Hi! I really need a jedi trainer in a jedi robe, but have no experience AT ALL on doing this and I've searcher EVERYWHERE! Could someone help me fix this for jedi outcast?
  8. Ok, i won't delete anything. But I only care for jan to weild saber on this first mission since it's the only one where she's present. Doesnt matter if she doesnt have the saber upon spawning. Do you mean there's still reasons to change more scripts?
  9. What do you mean is left to do? Yes it does, it just jumps over the part where jan usually fires her blaster against the big door and works all the way down to control_booth2. And after that as well when the green code been accessed and you return to save jan. She still can't use the saber, but there's alot of scripts in that file then prevents her from doing stuff so i might delete some of it. And do you know how to prevent someone from not be able to jump in scripts? tried to set force jump to 0 but didnt work
  10. Yes it does, it just jumps over the part where jan usually fires her blaster against the big door
  11. Great feeling when you get the script finally working I replaced aim 4 with set_weapon wp_saber. This is just what happend, Jan started jumping around as a jedi killing of trade federation droids in this case, which can mess up the waypoint system if she jumps up on ledges or to far away from where she's suppose to stand. It's enough using some force pull to get here back on track and she continues, i'm gonna try to remove force jump from her. Then it shouldnt be any problem I think. Thanks for all the tips! This makes an huge different for my idea
  12. and a new question, is it possible to script that upon spawning in the first map (kejim) 2 rebel npc's are spawned besides you and jan?
  13. Can anyone post a tutorial for scripting and how it works?
  14. love that prequel conversion mod, it's for JA if i'm not mistaken. For some time ago there was a prequel conversion mod that even had voiceovers on kyle and luke for JA. But can't find it anywhere. Suppose some of the authors of parts of the material used might refused to have it released..
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