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    since when is dengar model an RGB type of model o.o but still 5 out of 5 from me i like playing as dengar on battle front
  2. hey ive been wondering i wanted the Luke Skywalker sounds from tfu and the Greedo sounds from battle front i would work on the sounds for JKA i know how to mod them in the game that would be great i love the sounds u guys got sooo far
  3. sure here is the model i am a nice guy reminds me i should be checking/modding more just soooo much games to play atm puu.sh/l4FCH/58e4a113ff.rar
  4. Ive done this like along time ago it worked for JkA/MB II the model works took me abit but i got it going good http://puu.sh/l4age/741f415e6f.jpg
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