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Why KOTOR could still be possible in the new canon

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When Malachor was featured in Rebels, a lot of people figured that it's sure proof KOTOR wouldn't be included into new canon, however, personally, I don't believe it's true. Here's why:

  1. Malachor =/= Malachor V. It's in the name. In the old canon (though admittedly introduced by TOR), Malachor V is the fifth planet in the Malachor system, as such, the Malachor featured in Rebels may have just been Malachor I. Both were Sith worlds in both canons. Besides, the planets' appearances differ quite drastically.
  2. In TCW, on Mandalore, there are murals showing Mandalorians fighting Jedi. If the event wasn't big, it wouldn't have been depicted as part of Palace art. The Mandalorian Wars have been included into the new canon.
  3. Revan was supposed to appear in TCW, though he was cut.
  4. The Hammerhead-Class Cruisers were brought into new canon by Rebels. We can see that the design is somewhat different from the ones in KOTOR. Obviously the ships should have been obsolete considering the time between KOTOR and the Rise of the Empire Era (~2000 years, iirc), but: a) the universe was supposed to be 'lived in', b) Rebels didn't necessarily have access to new tech, so they'd take whatever they could get, c) the designs are different, so perhaps the Hammerheads survived throughout the years, with improvements and slight changes (if it works, why repair it?).
  5. Moraband (damn, I hate that name! >.<) was featured in TCW, and its appearance was heavily influenced by the KOTOR (TOR?) one.

Your thoughts? Shall we launch some kind of petition to Disney? :rolleyes:

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Somewhere it was stated that Moraband is the modern era name for Korriban. The name Korriban is still canon, or rather, all but canon. Korriban is the name from the KOTOR/SWTOR era, thousands of years before the films, and Moraband is the current name, most likely due to the Republic having peace in the galaxy for thousands of years leading up to the movies. I'm sure it was renamed when it became part of the Republic. (all this is speculation on my part, but makes a lot of sense)


The people that made those Hammerhead ships for Rebels and Rogue One fully admitted they took the design from KOTOR. They didn't reveal that it was part of the history of the ship design, but as an art direction they definitely took it from the game. Which is definitely good, that means people at Lucasfilm know KOTOR and know it has great stuff they could be using in the official canon.


A couple things to keep in mind, even though I would *love* to see KOTOR I & II be part of official canon, these are important:

  • Nothing in the current Star Wars Franchise is even coming close to touching the timeline of the KOTOR games, so not getting the immediate canon stamp is understandable.
  • They probably won't just stamp the whole games as canon. They've been picking some of the things from Legends that are both relevant to their current stories they are telling and also not incredibly bad story pieces. Not so much the KOTOR games, but think about how much ridiculous crap is in the SWTOR stories. I personally prefer them to pick and choose what they want to be canon rather than just say it's all good.
  • Anything in the KOTOR era of Legends *could* be possible, because its so far away from anything that is official canon. So that definitely increases the chance of things becoming canon further down the road, but not all at once or in the near future, for reasons explained in the above 2 points.
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I personally don't want a bastardized version of KOTOR. I really don't find it cool that Disney is taking elements from KOTOR, but not including the whole thing. 

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KOTOR was already bastardized by EA in TOR. The only good things that ever came out of that timeline were KOTOR II and the comics with Zayne Carrick. The Lucasfilm Story Group has the right idea by picking and choosing the best elements to canonize.

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