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07yun: Door 1

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Still learning substance painter.

Looking good, Substance Painter is quite intuitive to use - you should be familiar with it fairly soon. It's not as technical as Substance Designer, which I still recommend you to learn as using both tools in a combined effort gives you more freedom in the way you work, every brush alpha, Stencil, Mask and Filter is based at a .sbsar file that was created in Substance Designer. With SD you can create your own parametric materials and brush alphas capable of doing exactly what you need.

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Didn't really change it much:




Everything is floating geometry, except the details in the boxes. It's a height to normal map using crazybump. It was too rough just adding it to the height channel in substance painter.


Geometry "layering":


- base rectangle

- boxes

- diagonal things

- Y shape

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add a blur and a elvels filter to the height layer to first blur the engraving, then adjust the levels to sharpen it again
this will widen the lines and add a slight slope to the edges it will also make it look much smoother

Raw Painting:

Levels adjusted:

here's an example scene: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sedq4izuiqv6g30/Example.spp?dl=0

done with the current release of Substance Painter (V2.5.3)


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*effects ;)


so Painter 1.7.3 has the "effects"








Short tutorial:

- make a fill layer

- make it affect height only

- adjust depth in the fill layer to match your target depth (you can change it later on)

- add a black mask to the fill layer

- select the mask

- paint the parts white that should be pushed in

- click on the effects button

- select blur

- adjust blur

- click the effects button again

- select levels

- adjust levels to your needs

- ready


You can simply take the baked depth map as mask instead of a hand painted one.

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