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Remove Force Repulse

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Nah permanently pls, having to enable this every time I open JKE and start a new mission is irritating. 

Don't have Jk:E installed atm, but I'm pretty sure you could put that command in your auto.exe. The command should be issued every time you launch up the game. 

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Okay so I've tried all of these in the autoexec.cfg and none seemed to have any effect although that might be to do with my saves. 

It doesn't recognise "setaforcerepulse" or "seta_forcerepulse" in the console either. I dislike bumping but I have to ask what is the correct phrase exactly? 

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I think it is because in the menu, before going in a map, the majority of commands are unknown for the game. I think the best thing to do is to type in your console, ingame "bind (anycommand) "setforcerepulse 0" ".


So every time you will press this command, the power will disable. ^^

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Well, I mean- thanks but I don't consider that a solution- I don't even want to think about the fact force repulse is part of this mod, not deactivate it every time I start the game.


Is there any way I could maybe remove a certain part from the jaenhanced.pk3 and that way remove force repulse?

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Quit JA Enhanced over a simple force power? lol, It can be removed from the modified Icarus scripts in JA Enhanced that add the power later on in the JKA story.


Nah it's fine dude- I'm liking OpenJK more now anyway- apart from the RGB Sabers, holster and Renderer which I do miss- JKEnhanced for all the good it does seems to have a lot of junk baggage unfortunately. 

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