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Mission: Coruscant (Capture the Crime lord)

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If not in the next "immediate" update, hopefully within the coming updates for JK:Enhanced.. (Most likely release being 2017) Myself, @@Cerez and @@Asgarath83 will be looking to incorporate a new version of Coruscant into the mod, that we know to be 't2_rogue' (Capture the Crime lord - Lannik Racto) from the base game. The full info about this mission and map improvement can be found here;


If you'd like to participate and contribute anything towards the progress of mission, then head over to the above link and leave your input/feedback in the thread.

Once this mod is fully complete and incorporated into JK:Enhanced, there are also plans to improve other base missions within the game, to bring them up to scratch and into the modern era. Although, nothing's set in concrete, as of yet.

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@@Darth Sion, sorry, but i need to be a little more clear:


i leaved the project for big heals troubles occured in the last months. i am fight with some big infections at moment. so really i cannot manage more this project. i did all what was possible i did with nav grid and some NPC placing. i am sorry but really i cannot help more, so please stop to notify myself for this project, because is not much honest.

i have no merit in that because i cannot work to this project at moment. for script, cinematic and NPC parameter is all into your hand and Cerez hand.

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