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The description says it's a dynamic light of sort.

Dynamic light, toggles on and off when used
STARTOFF - Starts off
FADEON - Fades from 0 Radius to start Radius
FADEOFF - Fades from current Radius to 0 Radius before turning off
PULSE - This flag must be checked if you want it to fade/switch between start and final RGBA, otherwise it will just sit at startRGBA

ownername - Will display the light at the origin of the entity with this targetname

startRGBA - Red Green Blue Radius to start with - This MUST be set or your light won't do anything

These next values are used only if you want to fade/switch between 2 values (PULSE flag on)
finalRGBA - Red Green Blue Radius to end with
speed - how long to take to fade from start to final and final to start.  Also how long to fade on and off if appropriate flags are checked (seconds)
finaltime - how long to hold at final (seconds)
starttime - how long to hold at start (seconds)

TODO: Add random to speed/radius?

I experimented with it in the past, however it doesn't seem to be working.

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I vaguely remember once experimenting with moving dynamic lights, but I don't remember if that was some entity property on a func_something or by attaching a misc_flight... I just remember that it looked pretty bad.


It actually seems to be the only way to cast a dynamic light aside from lightsabers, blaster shots and effects. I remember I got it working spawned directly from a func_rotating, possibly setting a color and light property, for the color and radius respectively.

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