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Using OpenJK in kotf (knights of the force mod)

JV Order

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Well i know that this mod is old and hated because of its limits but i'd like to use it in kotf to use models that require it for example the new ashura's clone trooper pack. I replaced the old vm clones but now If you try to kill this model with the saber, the game will crash and this will appear: Error: Ran out of transform space for Ghoul 2 Models. Adjust MiniHeapSize in SP_spawnserver

I could run it putting the the contain of the openjk zip in the knights of the force folder but i cant use the kotf ad load system and add new npcs.


Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english  :P


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It's limits? What does that even mean? It's hated because it stole content without asking the creators of that content OR giving them credit for it. The installer also had a virus in it, from what I understand. He was also planning on selling the mod at some point, I believe.


It was a great concept of a mod, executed very poorly.

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