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The menu thing isn't a deal at all, the biggest problem is the lack of button sensitivity and joystick sensitivity. I for one use a gamepad mainly when sabering because mouse+keyboard is just better for guns but I'd like to see it where a slight movement of the stick will vary walk and run.


I thought I'd add that I'm using a PS3 controller, the dual sticks are perfect for this game IMO as I essentially copied the JKA XBOX control scheme with only a small variation by assigning the square button to saber on/off. Most people now a days are using that or some form of XBOX controller because let's face it, the dual sticks as well as button layout can't really get any better. Also keeps you from having to have a feel for odd controllers when a lot of people are already used to these controllers due to already owning the consoles.


Something tells me that all the code needed to integrate use of say a XBOX 360 or ONE controller is already out there for use.

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http://opengameart.org/content/free-keyboard-and-controllers-prompts-pack  :o


My thought would be it might be cool if we could eventually hook the menus.str entries for the joystick buttons to some specific character which represents a joy button kinda like how emojis work with unicode but we don't support unicode per-se.  And map those characters to a special font with the button glyphs depending on which controller is being used in font rendering.

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