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Alpha 1 Released

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Guest Redemption

Hi pal, how you doing? I'm not completely sure but I think OJP featured it but, Serenity posted a tutorial of how to add it. Force Fall is when you're about to land with a controlled descent; you can survive any death fall really


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Personally I always felt that the "slow descent" was kind of weird looking... It works pretty well in Warframe... but I dunno I always felt like it looked kind of weird in OJP.


In my opinion if you were to add that at force rank 3 of jump it would be more of a sudden stop using the force (once per fall?), in some ways it would look similar to a repulse.

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Guest Redemption

Haha, a image popped to mind when you mentioned that "sudden stop" mechanic - would be ba dass. Bison from street fighter 2 the manga. He's about to fall flat on his ass but uses his psycho power and levitates just a foot above the ground, ha made me chuckle :-) But I prefer the OJP version but without the force speed effect. Like I said, if I could get a hold of the code I could use it for my own personal use :-)


Silly me, just found his code :( I've had a crack at it before but since the tutorial was for JA it didn't really work in JO ;\ I'll give it another go.

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I have been tossing a few ideas around for a new force power, and Slow Fall could be a good one, although pretty situational. It could be merged into my idea for Force Slow, though. Others that I have thought of are:

  • Meditate (neutral): Gain force power but are forced to sit down. Higher ranks regain power faster and can sit down faster.
  • Weaken (dark): Enemies near you become weak and deal reduced damage for a duration. At rank 2, they take more damage. At rank 3, they are dealt a small dripfeed of damage. Note, dark jedi may resist this power and droids are immune.
  • Ghost (light): When killed while this power is active, you will become an invisible force ghost for 30 seconds. You cannot attack while as a force ghost and move at a reduced speed. After 30 seconds, you are revived at 1hp. At higher ranks, you gain more health points and move faster as a ghost. Note: dark jedi may have the ability to sense your force ghost and kill it.
  • Shadow (light): While this power is active, your footsteps are completely silent. At rank 2, stealth kills do more damage while the power is active. At rank 3, enemies have reduced field of vision and your lightsaber can be thrown without alerting enemies. Note: dark jedi have heightened force senses and may resist this power.
  • Stasis (dark): At Rank 1, you can hold the force power button to slow enemy projectiles that are near you. At Rank 2, enemy projectiles that are near you can be slowed to a stop. At Rank 3, by tapping the force button you can create a wall of pure force energy that freezes enemy projectiles in their tracks.
  • Grip (neutral): At Rank 1, you envelop a target in pure force energy, making their movements slower and more laborious. The target moves and fires slower. At Rank 2, the power level grows, and the target is rendered completely unable to move. At Rank 3, this ability can affect a group of enemies, although the power is weakened in this state. Also by holding the force button, you can tighten the grip even further, slowing all affected targets even further (or crushing their internal organs). Note that dark jedi may use this power on you, and that Push can remove it. (Force Grip would be renamed to Force Choke)
  • Jump (neutral): Actually this would still work the way it does now, but with another addition: Jump would be on the force wheel like the other powers are, and when used, you launch yourself high into the air like how the AI does.

And some changes I still need to make to the other force powers:

  • Force Grip/Choke should allow you to shoot while it's active
  • Speed should have nicer physics and last longer. It makes the game feel unnecessarily floaty.
  • Show active force powers on the HUD.
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Guest Redemption

:) Nice ideas man.


See meditate seems redundant because of force regeneration, unless you completely reconfigure how you replenish you're force pool. Would make it more immersive and add a tactical edge to the game if you had to soley focus on the force to regain manipulation of it i.e, each use of it would mean you'd have to meditate sometime after or even during combat to have access to you're powers - I like this idea but, on the other hand, what if by meditating you get a force boon like what the shadow-trooper's force gem grants????


Love you're idea of Stasis, F****n' classic! Reminds me of The Matrix Reloaded, when Neo stops all the bullets  :sun:


Not to sure of force jump though, granted that it should be in the game but not as another power. How about either replacing force jump 3 with a higher value or adding another force rank to jump?

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