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The glovepie script for my mod is almost finished. Ill give it out with the download. It has support for pp controllers, xbox360 controllers, new keyboard system which helped me do things like charged pushes and charged repulses, and support for the wiimote+nunchuk and wiimote+nunchuck+balance board. I happen to have a wiimote lightsaber and blaster and nunchuk and balanceboards all going through mine. It requires two wiimotes, one in the saber and one in the blaster, plus the nunchuk acceleration throws grenades. You can bind the exact direction of your swings with the wiimote saber to do the jka saber anims (i.e. if you swing your wiisaber top left to bottom right then so does playermodel. The double wiimote nunchuks balance boards is just my personal setup but ill include it as well. I have to strap the gun and saber and nunchuk to my belt as i hover around the map on the balance board. Each wiimote knows its specific weapon, so if i pick up my blaster he selects blaster, same with my wiisaber. To be honest.... i have three balance boards in my setup, as you will notice in the glovepie script i send. My front balance board walks forward and if i lean to either side i walk forward diagonally. The middle balance board is for standing still or strafing, and the back balance boatr backs me up or at an angle if i lean. No bs. I dont expect anyone to have my setup, but the support is there if you do. It makes for very tiring gameplay, but duels could be uncanny

Acceleration in nunchucks do the pushes, lighting, and repulse, heavy presses on the center of any balance board makes me jump, but i cant control how long i jump yet, and its hard on the balance boards... so jump may end up being the only real button i have to press (if i dont just copy the jka anim with my wiimotes and track tht motion instead)

I also didnt mention that it supports voice control at the same time with the same script and comes with a few basic ones ill give you and you can figure it out from there. Ill include things like "console" or "exit game" and stuff. You can adjust the voice recognition sensitivity settings in it quite easily.

The glovepie script will also have a batch file that runs your jasp or jamp and starts the glovepie script simultaneously. So the mod will have its own icon and be a shortcut on your desktop. Click it and hop on your balance board or what have you.


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