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I need a few people to start getting all of this pieced together.



Someone fluent in GTK Radiant. Area portals, waypoints, etc.


Someone familiar with texturing. Organics, metals, junk, anything.


Menu editor


An animator.


Just PM if interested

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The menu editor part would be awesome.

I have a few ideas but besides that I have no set ideas as to how the mwnu would look or function.


My ideas pertain to things like...


-Pause menu is small and centered so you can still see the game

-Cheats menu


Also, i was setting up menus in a fashion that had "unlockables". Like once you get to the next level, the menu system has a few more things unlocked as you progress.

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I insist you use my jello texture somewhere, since JKHub has never yet taken me up on my offer:

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:mellow: Are you sure that's Jello?

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Are you going to use costumes according to the game, or make some new and use some old? There's also placement of different costumes and when he wears them. Starkiller actually changes his clothes far less than the game suggests. The outfit given to him by Vader after being reconstructed is worn all the way through felucia, until he blows up that bull rancors head from the inside and decides to change for some less blood drenched wears.

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TIE Facility- Training Gear

Raxus Prime- Heavy Training Gear

Felucia- Jungle Gear

Kamino- Medical Robes

Dagobah- something I built


Boss battles.


TIE Facility- AT?Ts (Kota will possibly fuck up my storyline... hes too powerful a force weilder to not notice whats happening, which I use later with Kazdan.

Raxus Prime- Junk Titan and Kazdan Paratus

Felucia- Maris Brood and bull rancor

Kamino- Boba Fett, SK clones, and a new trooper I called Nightmare.

Rogue Shadow- Proxy (possibly Kit Fisto since I been wanting to try it, or Grievous)

Dagobah- Dark Juno and Vader and Dark Apprentice


I will be using other peoples Boba Fett and one other character I wont mention for an addon pack that introduces a different style of gameplay Im more excited about than the real mod lol




TIE Facility- Stormtroopers, Kota's militia (5 model variants with plenty of skins each) Clonetroopers, new gonks, mouse droids

Raxus Prime- Rodians(4 model variants with plenty of skins each) junk droids, jawas, evotroopers, jump troopers

Felucia- Felucians (3 model variants with the most skins of all packs), evotroopers, jumptroopers, incindiary troopers, clonetroopers, rancors, birds, slugs, animal vehicles

Kamino- Droids 1&2, SK clones, stormtroopers, jumptroopers, helmet)less troopers, medical robe troopers, royal guards

Dagobah- swamp creatures, birds, abarrant clones.




TIE Facility- will have 3 cometely different hangars ( i figured if theyre building TIE's, they would need to test it from different situations, and it allowed me to take the thing in a new direction and cause less repetition in gameplay), it will have a wing assembly area, and a control room.

Raxus Prime- lava pit, wasteland area, valley, inside a huge turbine, a hidden jawa marketplace, another valley (larger) and Kazdans cave

Felucia- open valley, caves, canyon like valley, bull rancor pit

Kamino- interrogation room, halls (with views of spiors and young SK and Stormtrooper clones training), elevator, outside landing platform

Rogue Shadow. Im combining the TFU cutscenes, the training room, and the nintendo ds version of the rogue shadow all into one map/menu system

Dagovah- Swamp, caves, inner pavillion


It seems like some maps are smaller, but all acerage about the same in actual distance. The SP maps will have and end, but I built them for MP so they do complete circles and figure 8's and stuff so you can chase eachother indefinitely.

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The thing with Kazdan, which is one of the 3 things I didnt want to tell anyone, is this whole mod is like assassins creed. Youre a clone being forced through SKs memories. Which makes it a bit grainy and messed up so thats why i can have the maps and experiences a bit different from TFU.

Youre told in the beginning that this is just a simulation, and if you encounter anyone formidable, just walk past them and think them away... but... when you near Kazdans cave, he sees you. Not only does he see you, but he tells you that you dont really exist, and that you dont belong here. Ripping you out of your thoughts and causing you to actually confront him. Its my fav character, so i wanted to give this illusion that you cant even think about whipping his ass. It also is going to cause a rift on SK's "interrogation" because thats when he realizes the force can manipulate the simulation, and starts working an escape plan.


I wont get into Dagobah, and the choices youll have to make, their repercussions, the multiple endings, the sweet addon pack, so ill still consider it unspoiled

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Why only kit fisto in the training room as proxy? You could add dozens of other jedis to spar with. Also, how are you planning on ending that bull rancor fight? The book has got me wanting a really gory end. (repulse inside throat that straight up blows up its head)

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Well, just kit or grievous in the storyline of it. The training room will incorporate something like therfiles' npc spawning system in it

That sounds awesome but unrealistic compared to my cutscene skills

Also, for kazdans battle novelized, the junk sculptures he made to represent the Jedi Order would come to life and act as the masters they represent. He was facing off with anakin, obi wan, kit fisto, yoda etc. Just an idea.

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Well, just kit or grievous in the storyline of it. The training room will incorporate something like therfiles' npc spawning system in it

That sounds awesome but unrealistic compared to my cutscene skills

Check out what szicovii did with his midgarv3 map in the battle arena.

JKG Developer

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Well... i kinda figure all these maps as duel arena pretty much, since they all loop around. Im mote focused on the nooks and crannies right now of the TF so it looks good at any screenshot angle you know? Its tidious and time consuming and i tend to run into things i remodel "real quick". But... it really does look worth the time though. Hell... look at the old screenshots of it XD its far better than that

Have you seen the dr octavious fusion room he built?!?!

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