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Makermod on JA++


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Some time ago I and @ tried to write Makermod as JA++ server script.

You can find it here: https://github.com/epicloyd/makermod



 - mplace

 - mplacefx

 - mkill

 - mmove

 - mrotate

 - marm

 - mgrabbing

 - mselect

 - mdrop

 - mgrab

 - mname

 - manim

 - mmark

 - morigin

 - mattachfx

 - mscale

 - mscaleme

 - mbreakable

 - mpain

 - mlist

 - mlistfx

 - mlistobs

 - mlight


New features (done):

 - mkill in [time].

 - mmovetime -- changes default moving time for mmove / mrotate.

 - mmove / mrotate supports time & easing functions.

mplace factory/catw2_b
mmove 0 0 10 1000 bounceOut
 - Relative marm, mmark.

mmark +0 +0 +10
 - "mgrabbing on" / "mgrabbing off"

 - mmarksave, mmarkselect

mmarksave markname
mmark 0 0 5
mmarkselect markname
 - mattachob -- like mattachfx for objects.

mplace vjun/globe
mattachob 1
 - mondie -- object die listener. For example:

mplace factory/catw2_b
mbreakable 100
mondie "mmark 10 10 10; mplacefx concussion/explosion; mpain 100; wait 50; mkill"
Yes, I wrote commands parser on Lua :P

 - mellipse, mastroid, mspiral -- moving animation.

 - mlightto -- light animation.


In future:

 - montouch, monuse listeners like mondie.

 - mmoving -- infinity moving.

 - mmarkr -- with offset from current player's angles.

 - Setting animation on touch / use.

 - Moving on bezier curves.

 - Mtelen -- teleporter to an object.

 - Groups.

 - And other...



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Project freezed because i'm focused on ja++ itself and my friends projects  :rolleyes: . But i will continue...i promise :P

Since the Makermod source code has been released, just port it over, and add the other features after :). Oh and make sure to include linux support (I don't use linux myself, but some of my friends do).

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Keep the same folder structure it has, make sure plugin.lua is in a folder like japlus/lua/sv/<plugin-name>/plugin.lua

Optionally in a PK3. Same as any other plugin.

Tried that already and nothing happened. Do I need makermod installed for this to work?

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Tried that already and nothing happened. Do I need makermod installed for this to work?

Sorry, I was busy.


No you don't need installed makermod. You need installed JA++.


1. Make sure you have installed JA++: https://jkhub.org/images/yZFkYuW.png and dedicated server file (openjkded.x86.exe): https://jkhub.org/images/5ojkYAK.png.

2. Install the script (just copy these files): https://jkhub.org/images/pRmKuWQ.png

3. Make in the JA folder a file "server_japp.bat", with this text:

.\openjkded.x86 +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 29070 +set fs_game "japlus" +set sv_floodProtect 0 +devmap academy3 +set sv_fps 70

4. Exec this file. Congratulations, your server started. Launch game and enjoy! :D

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