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Is there a way to add completely new force powers to the game?

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Hey, I want to add some new force powers to JKA, Force Crush and Deadly Sight mostly. Is there a way to do it? Also, making 4 and 5 levels of force powers? I want to use it in SP. Do I have to touch the code? JKA is OS now, but I have no idea where to start. Can someone help?

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Here's a tutorial on adding a force power in MP.




Not sure how different that is from doing it in SP.


Summoning @@eezstreet or @@ensiform or @@Xycaleth

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there is a big difference about force power MP code and force power SP code for what i see when i working on my efx force powers (i not added new powers, i changed effects and sound of every force power at second of the CLASS that using the force power. so

CLASS_BARTENDER cast an ice storm as force lighting, for example, and CLASS_REELO, a spiderweb nets. etc etc

i noticed the best difference is :

the code part of w_force.c  of MP code in SP is stored on WP_Saber.cpp into the saber code, you can found also the force powers code. i not know the other difference. :(


however on

WP_saber.cpp you can found the code of working of

- Grip

- Lightning

- Drain

- Rage

- Heal

- Mindtrick

- Jump (but i not checked so i am not sure)


here there are also the working part of the code about protect and absorb and sight


instead for the visual effects of shaders color of force Sight, Protect and Absorb, and also for the visual efx of force lightning and drain, you can found the informations sorted on 





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