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Here is some ditched concept art for TFU that I found you may or may not have seen yet. Maybe we can pick a character or two and incorporate them?




























Also, does anyone have any pics or videos of the female main character they showed off in the pre-vis stages of TFU? There was no Starkiller, there was just a female looked kinda like the girl from Mirrors Edge. Id like to model her in as well. I have these, but Ive seen video somewhere.










Also, did you know they considered Alderaan for a level in TFU? Interesting...





And Haroon?











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I think I would absolutely lose it if someone made a Talz model with options like the pirate medic. The Talz are definitely one of my favorite species in Star Wars. I have wanted a model of one for years! I tried Frankensteining one together once, but that didn't work out too well. Anyway, Talz obsession aside, the first two pieces of concept art (the guy in black and the Duros) are cool too, but my vote for inclusion in the mod would go to the Talz, if you want to include it. It might be a little difficult to get to fit the skeleton, though, but it would still be awesome!

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Played with modelling two of these today =)


They need some cleanup and another nice look at the refs before I slap them in Zbrush, but, they look like theyre going to be sick at any rate.  Disregard any colors or textures as they were just stand ins so i could tell how things were going to needed to be modeled/painted. Except for the end there where I show you a rough draft of how ill be doing the fur. Note that it was a very low res texture I think 512 so thats why it looks a bit blocky but I have learned quite a bit of different fur techniques and Ill be using the sculpts and image plane renders, as well as alpha planed hairs where needed. This guy should be fun. As for the young gorog, I was just goofing around with some zspheres today, dont expect to pick him back up again for a while since he wont be needed.





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