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What's the point of Class_Reborn and Class_Jedi?


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I mean, giving an NPC a saber gives them the perks of reduced damage taken from saber attacks, auto sniper shot dodging, being able to force push and force jump out of Grip and knockdowns without even having those powers, no damage-staggering from idle sabers, etc.


So is there any difference from me giving a saberist NPC Class_Reborn vs. Class_Stormtrooper? They seem to be by and large the same from my past experiments...


I made an OpenJK issue about it too : https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK/issues/588

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All AI acts the same when you give it a saber. The class is irrelevant.


Looking back at this topic here: http://jkhub.org/topic/4092-npc-stats-what-do-they-do-exactly/ ; my conclusion seems to be that Class_Reborn and Jedi have a few subtle extremely situational effects on things like saber combat behavior, and that's it? No other purpose then?



I believe what affects Dark Force power usage is mainly the Aggression stat and team allegiance. Aggression increases the aggression counter or something for NPCs obviously, which makes them more apt to use Offensive force powers, and enemy NPCs have a higher cap on their aggression versus allied NPCs at least, per Eez's analysis of the code.

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i am testing for my mod all AI. i maked an test.NPC file that contain all NPCs named by class . for everywhere there is 2 variant. one usind dual sabers, and the other shooting. so i can see the defference between shooter and saberist for every class, i try for all class. inclused droids, rockettroopers, etc etc. incluse also the strange classes unnused as bartender, glider, claw, lizard, flier2, fish.

the difference is in the behavour and in the kind of movement. so,me droid class can use only a saber, not two. also, they are stuck in the yaw movement XD

about jedi and reborn.... the reborn with same paramteres of the jedi on evasion, aggression, aim etc etc, are more aggressive of jedi. jedi fight in defense, reborn in offense.

also, jedi not dodge, or making acrobatic moving when shooting with weapons, but reborn yes.


some class cannot use certain weapons. if you give a WP_BLASTER_PISTOL to a shadowtrooper, he will use the WP_BLASTER.

: \  all boss classes have some problem to use blaster pistol and replace with blaster. i not know why.

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^Interesting observations. Perhaps you could make a comment listing these on my NPC Class tutorial so others can see these special exceptions? So, Class_Jedi fights more passively and defensively, whereas Reborn are more aggressive? That makes sense. Still doesn't explain a difference between Class_Reborn and Class_Stormtrooper or other humanoid classes for Saber AI though... Class_Reborn has lots special effects for gunners of course (mainly that it activates saberist-style navigation and movement for gunners), but I want to know about it's effects on Jedi/Sabering AI ;)


I can't help but wonder, maybe Class_Reborn is just what non-saber humanoid AI classes default to when the NPC has a saber? Aside from a few small exceptions where there are differences?



You may be right about flips. IIRC in the thread I linked to, Class_Reborn and Class_Jedi may be more likely to use flipping animations when they jump at higher ranks, whereas a stormtrooper may never use flip animations in jumps. Purely stylistic most likely, but technically IS a difference I suppose hehe.

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