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  1. Dusty's post in Writing new save game values... was marked as the answer   
    Turns out my issue was that I had forgotten that I added a new value to the playerstate in q_shared in addition to the client values I was talking about. I seem to recall being told that modifying the playerstate is much more touchy than just adding new client values, which as far as SP is concerned achieves the same effect?
  2. Dusty's post in Importing a Compiled Map into GTKRadiant was marked as the answer   
    I believe this is what ent-modding is for. You can mod these things by text-editing a .bsp file without having to decompile and ruin the map. Still then you can't use GTK-Radiant. Maybe you could decompile the map, do your entity mods, re-compile, then copy the text for your added entities to the old bsp file, if you want to use GTK-Radiant to create the entities rather than doing it via text-editing.
  3. Dusty's post in Why won't saber throw be disabled so I can kick? was marked as the answer   
    ^So, I looked into that. But I'm not sure how to "set" the SFL_NOT_THROWABLE flag back to not being on the saber after it is applied (setting it is easy as I can just copy Raven's code). I'm sure it can be done, but I'm not good with bitwise operators (the |=, &=, ~, and & are all used as bitwise operators by Raven) as they require me to wrap my mind around modifying binary code.
    What I did find was a piece of code I previously overlooked, a function in wp_saber.cpp called WP_Forcepowerusable. That actually controls the ability to saber throw. So now holding use disables saber throw by modding that. It seems the purpose of PM_SaberThrowable is just purely for kick checking. I'm still a bit confused however as to why staff saber allows kicks and single does not (maybe it has to do with the saberAnimLevel == SS_STAFF in there?), as with staff saber even when I make the saber throwable, you can still kick as the saber is returning to your hand, while it's mid-flight, or when you don't have enough FP for a saber throw.
    Still trying to solve the mystery I guess...
    EDIT: I'm thinking that based on my observations, the "if player is holding use" chunk of code in PM_SaberThrowable is having zilch effect (maybe the expression I used has no value in the context of that function), as the next two pieces of code regarding saberAnimLevel == SS_STAFF and the one pertaining to the SFL_NOT_THROWABLE flag (which is set by throwable 1/0 in the .sab) are consistent with all my/our other observations.
    Posting this way later. It turns out it was a redundant piece of code (somewhere in bg_pmove I think) that would bar the player code-side from even being able to press the Alt-Attack button if they had a non-staff saber that wasn't throwable.
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