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Quick Cover feature...

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Here is a link to a video showing the "Quick Cover" feature from Rebellion's WWII Sniper Elite V2 game.


I think a feature like this for the player and NPCs in Jedi Knight would be great... would really be nice if the NPCs would use this when they've been attacked (rather than shoot from out in the open and standing still mostly).



How difficult would this be to add to the game code as a mod?

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I did this with animations. I replaced the lean/dodge (use + A or D) in third person. It works, but is a little odd.

The player has to stand out of cover, and then 'lean' into cover.






I don't feel it is really necessary since the character is centered in the screen. It's easy enough to just step out of cover and then back into it.

So it would really only need a new key or two added into the game bound to new animations.

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It should be possible with new animations-- with somehow causing the backside of player (standing or kneeling) to be "sticky" up against a brush wall (minor coding most likely). Then it plays another animation to come out of cover to shoot (with special key combo?) and returns to cover pose when player releases the "keys".  This would be ideal for any player or NPC using guns... but would still be good for lightsabers too (e.g., stay tucked up against a wall near a corner... wait for unlucky enemy passers by, pop out and decapitate said enemy...)

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