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Converting JK2 maps to JK3

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Well, the thing i want to accomplish is basically being able to play a jedi outcast map in jedi academy. While i managed to get a few maps to work, but unfortunately the one map i'd love to play doesn't work properly:  http://jkhub.org/files/file/479-anchorhead/


Textures so far work fine. However, some of the sounds don't play, but that can be solved by copying the sound files. The biggest issue i have though, be it that ridiculous, is that the map is far darker than in jedi outcast, and the sky looks terrible aswell. So my question is, does somebody have any idea how i can make the map as bright as in jedi outcast and how i can change or replace the sky?



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there's a PK3 floating around somewhere that has the textures/shaders fixed, all you need to do is copy the assets and rename them. Don't know who's got it, perhaps @@Pande knows more


Do you mean that jk2restoration stuff? If yes, it didn't work out. As i said the issue with the sky and lighting can probably only fixed by editing the shader files somehow, or something similiar. :blink:

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