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Grouping entities?

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Is there any way to group entities the way func_group works for brushes? I have a bunch of lights that need to be kept linked up with misc_models (apparently light shaders don't work properly when used on ASE models?).


Having to individually select every single light every time I want to move them all at once or change a parameter on all of them at once is a real pain in the butt. Any ideas?

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There is not, such a feature would have to be added to Radiant. It's possible in theory - .map supports comments, and in there the group number could be mentioned - but nobody's done it.


But if you just want to select a bunch of stuff in an area, draw a brush around it and Rightclick -> Select -> Select Inside.

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When I have a group of lights with the same values, and I need them all adjusted at the same time I'll give them all the same arbitrary key. For instance, "groupname" "section_01_redlights".

  • Open the entity window on one of the entities you assigned this arbitrary key.
  • Click this value in the entity window.
  • Click back in the grid
  • Press SHIFT+A
All the entities with that key/value pair should now be selected.









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@@MoonDog So THAT'S why Raven used a group key on entities in the Kejim_post map! I saw it but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why they did it since I couldn't figure out how to make use of it. Can we have a favorite poster feature on here? You just became mine lol!

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