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  1. MoonDog's post in "Stained Glass" Shader was marked as the answer   
    surfaceparm lightfilter Causes the Q3Map2 light stage to use the texture's RGB and alpha channels to generate colored alpha shadows in the lightmap. For example, this can be used to create the colored light effect cast by stained glass windows. This can be used with surfaceparm alphashadow.
  2. MoonDog's post in Grouping entities? was marked as the answer   
    When I have a group of lights with the same values, and I need them all adjusted at the same time I'll give them all the same arbitrary key. For instance, "groupname" "section_01_redlights".

    Open the entity window on one of the entities you assigned this arbitrary key. Click this value in the entity window. Click back in the grid Press SHIFT+A All the entities with that key/value pair should now be selected.  
  3. MoonDog's post in Problem when trying to add new textures (GTK) was marked as the answer   
    The textures aren't showing up in Radiant or in game? If in game, check that sv_pure is set to 0. That way you can actually use those textures without adding them into a pk3.
    If the textures are properly setup in the base folder, yet not showing up in Radiant, he may have an issue with the paths to the base folder. Check the paths setup to make sure Radiant is set to look at the right place.
  4. MoonDog's post in A problem with function roating was marked as the answer   
    Make a small, square brush at the center of the object. Look under system shaders for a shader called "Origin". Select the origin, the object and turn them into a func_rotating entity.
  5. MoonDog's post in misc_model_static & lighting was marked as the answer   
    Drawback. Try using some lightJuniors around those instead. (r_dynamiclight 1)
  6. MoonDog's post in Waterfall Issue was marked as the answer   
    You can texture both sides just fine. Like anything else, non visible faces should be caulked or nodraw. Try it, will probably fix it.
  7. MoonDog's post in Relative positions in scripts was marked as the answer   
    Put a huge wall of copy pasted text in a spoiler, or link it to a pastebin.
    If you are worried about the entity limit, its 1021+1 for the worldspawn. (I think)
    As for what you require from Icarus, it's not exactly possible. If there were callbacks to retrieve each axis individually, then maybe. At that point you could store each origin value in a parameter on the entities and then do a simple math on that value. After that you'd need callbacks that could then input those parameters back into an X Y Z format and then move the entities that way.
    Of course, if this were better scripting, (Lets say, CODSCRIPT) you could store the initial value of the origin, make it into an array and call a function to increase each axis by a set amount and store the sum in an element of the array, which could be called upon by a different custom move function. But alas, you are stuck in the past.
  8. MoonDog's post in Script doesn't reset properly was marked as the answer   
    lol. Whoops.
    Give both of your scriptrunners key: count  value: -1
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