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So, I was thinking, what if I rigged each character as I make them to only one bone, so they don't really work ingame, then provide a link here for you guys to download it and reskin it yourselves. It will still spawn ingame and will be viewable in modview, it just won't have any anims >=)

Then we will have a poll here and whoever gets voted the best reskin can have the fully rigged character. I just ask that you don't mass distribute the model i.e. upload it here. Just keep it, share it with some friends, and keep it as an award or something. First to go looks like the felucian most likely once I redo his head.


@@therfiles @@Circa 

What do you guys think? Can I ask you to put up a poll section maybe once a month or so to this Overview section?


Does it make sense to everyone?


This will be an easy way for me to get some better skins since I suck at texturing, and also to get some of the work out and bug checked. I also feel like a douche for never releasing anything because I want to keep the mod as a whole. As long as everybody is cool and doesn't really mass distribute each model I'm cool. 

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Here is the first model in the contest.

Felucian warrior with the long mask.


Here is a pic from modview







And proof that you can spawn him ingame as a playermodel to get a look at him










I will be making different masks for him, but here is the first one ready to go


I will be taking the best of the skins and doing a polypaint in Zbrush with them, then touching up the seams and stuff if you guys get any as I would like a bunch of different Felucians

I will go and fit his "hands" to the skele a bit better and weight paint him while you all are busy.



You can *off the mask of course


What do you say @@therfiles @@Circa? First one to 10 votes or so? 


Just leave screenshots here in this thread until I get a few gathered up to make a poll


Once again, these models will be spawnable ingame, but will have no anims >=)

Cuz I'm a jerk.


Let me know if there are any issues.







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