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I would just like to kick around a few ideas to the coders of the site and see what we end up with by the time this thing is done. Here is a wishlist of coding requests. I understand that none of the coders really like to try and implement new dynamics like this into the engine, but I'd at least like to start throwing ideas around. I will try to keep most of it as "simple" as possible, even though I know it is all daunting.

1. Gripping
I would like to be able to grip more than one person at a time depending if they are within a certain map units of the person being aimed at. If i aim at one stormie, and there are 3 within say 64 map units, grip them all.

2. Joystick support
I would like the ability to configure an xbox 360 controller to the game and bind cfgs to the buttons. It works a little already, except the triggers wont work and im not sure what syntax to bind like...
bind js11 exec poop.cfg

3. Fake stress mapping
I would like to be able to swap .skin files once an anim is executed. Like how animevents.cfg works with executing an efx file once an anim is played, instead each anim can call its own skin file mainly for fake stress mapping, but can also be used for a few other things. Mainly the fake stress mapping for facial anims though.

4. Double jump
A way to incorporate double jumping instead of holding down the jump button and reaching ridiculous heights. Just a single tap of jump gets u up to about a force jump level 2, and the double goes up to about where force jump level 3 would take you. Eliminating those huge jumps you see as you won't really need them in this mod.


Thanks for your time guys

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