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We are looking for a technician (or technicians)!
The staff have determined that we have had some people asking at one point or another if they could help JKHub by being a technician of some kind, to help work on the maintenance/improvements side of JKHub. Therefore, we are opening applications for such a position. If we get several good applications, we may choose 2 people for the position.

The Work
As technician, you will be doing site maintenance, coordinating backups, and ensuring our site and hosted sites are kept secure and up-to-date software-wise. You will also write documentation for how to do processes with the site if needed (for the staff and any future technicians' reference). You will be helping to keep JKHub, one of the most popular and active community sites for the Jedi Knight series, with over 900 registered members, up and running. You must be responsible, as you will have access to various parts of JKHub and its site files. You must also be able to set aside time on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for required maintenance tasks. This is a volunteer position. You will not be paid.

  • At least Intermediate HTML and CSS knowledge.
  • Experience with managing websites in the past (medium to large scale).
  • Basic MySQL knowledge (being able to create new databases and database users, add data with phpMyAdmin)
  • Ability to work well with others (others means the other technician if chosen and the staff members).
  • Have responsibility and maturity.
  • Ability to quickly learn about our systems and how they work (There are tutorials we have already made for a lot of the essential tasks).
  • Ability to set aside time on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for required maintenance tasks.
Good to haves
  • PHP knowledge.
  • IP Board knowledge.
  • Intermediate to advanced MySQL knowledge.
  • Very fast internet connection for site backups (if you don't, that's fine, as you can just work with one of our staff members to do backups when available). By fast, we mean being able to download 40GB+ relatively quickly, and being able to quickly upload 8GB+ if necessary.
How to apply
Submit your application via PM to the JKHub account. There is no formal format for the application, just explain how you meet the requirements and why you'd be good for the position.

Application Deadline
All applications must be submitted by December 14th.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to submit your application if you want the position!

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