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Open jk screenshots and minimize problem


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Ok that's my trouble.

before ysing Open jk and using original exe of JA, i can minimize the game launching before a game an utility called JAminimizer, if i press contrl + z reduce the game to icon or expand. very useful when i working or chatting.

also, is very useful for take quickly more screenshot with print key, after i open paint, i past into paint and save the screen.

Now with open jk exe, i cannot minimize more JA with jaminimizer utility, so.. there is some way for minimize the game or take screen quickly?

Thanks for answer.

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/minimize, Alt tab also works too.


You do realize the game has screenshot tga, jpeg, and png (png is broken in sp) built in right?  (And it always had jpeg/tga screenshots in jamp/jasp.)


Saves to homepath in mydocuments under My Games\OpenJK.


JAMinimizer/Q3EMinimizer looks at the window title, which is no longer the same thus utility is not usable unless you go change the code, which is available somewhere on github.


This should be in OpenJK discussion and closed not really an issue here >.<

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