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We are pleased to announce that we are implementing a new feature to JKHub called "Featured Picture"! Most of you will recall a similar feature at jk3files called "Picture of the Day", and it's quite similar to that. The difference is that we get to change it whenever we like. It should add some more participation with the community and should be a lot of fun! Each picture is featured on the home page and forum page under recent tutorials and in this thread.


The rules are self explanatory for the most part. No pictures that go against our rules. Read up on those if you're unsure. If you need to ask, don't submit it. Use common sense.

All pictures submitted must be related to the Jedi Knight series, Star Wars, or JKHub. Don't bother submitting ones related to anything else, we won't post it.


Here's how the system works. If you have a picture you want featured on JKHub, whether it be a funny ingame screenshot or a scripted scene, you'll need to PM it to the @JKHub account as an attachment. Also, add your own caption if you want! But remember, we have the right to use our own if we have a reason (or if we have a better one). :P

Visual aid:


If you have issues with attaching the picture, send a link instead.

Please follow this template for all submissions. Get to submitting!

Click here to view the article
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Must we upload these pictures?

Nah, you can upload them elsewhere and post a link, it just makes it easier for some people to upload it right there.


The goal was to eliminate those inevitable n00b questions: "What site can I upload pictures to? What's the best?" "Bla bla bla?"


But yeah, @@mrwonko, if you still have issues, just send a link of one.

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