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Qui-Gon Jinn

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Yeah, to each their own.

I personally like this one more, mainly because its "darker" to me, and its more accurate.

But, as I said.. to each their own :)

True. I'm not sure. The nose looks a bit off, but then again, Liam Neeson has an odd shaped nose.


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I can't say when it would be done, but Qui-Gon is a project i've always wanted to make and may just take it on. Need to consider my workload with other mods first. ;)

That would be awesome man.


I've been collecting all of the best models of main characters from the movies and realized that there are quite a few that can still be done. I got a few that I had never seen before from MBII pk3's. Qui-Gon, Padme (Episode 1), Leia (sorta - the current ones are pretty good but could be better, like Qui-Gon), and Luke (Episode 4 & 5 - I'm currently working on reskins of Toshi's ROTJ Luke for this but models would be more ideal).


These models that already exist are good, but when comparing them to some of the newer or insanely accurate ones (i.e. Toshi's and Hapslash's models), they aren't very appealing.


I know modeling is very challenging though.


If you are going to take on doing this, I figured 4 versions would be ideal.














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Thanks a lot DT. Feel free to post here any updates you have on the model in the future!


Also, does anyone know if there is a model for Episode I Anakin? I know there was one in the Youngling pack by Mars but it looks nothing like him and the model wasn't very good.


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