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Func Train Heist!

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Would it be possible to link spawn points to a func train/platform, so they move along with the entity?      

Just pondering a train heist map, wondering if it's possible to make an actual moving train, or if it would have to be simulated movement with tc mod scrolling backgrounds and other trickery.

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i think you cant link them to the func_train but you could spawn them in the right timing, about the train i would use the method like the train mission in jka where they used rail_mover , rail_lane and rail_track entitys, if i remember correctly there is the original map file of that mission somewhere here on jkhub

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Entities cannot be attached to each other in that manner, with only one exception that I know of (Misc_model). Because of this, and because of the way in-game physics work, it is always better to simulate the movement of the train. I would use func_train and scrolling textures outside all windows to simulate buildings and scenery passing by. Also, it may not be visible in your entity configuration, but you can use target_screenshake to give a rumble here and there to help simulate movement.


That said, if you really really need to move the cars, you'll need to override the spawn system and teleport players to the train, assuming trigger_teleport or target_teleport can send players to the location of a moving func_train.

10 minutes ago, Lwkill said:

if i remember correctly there is the original map file of that mission somewhere here on jkhub

t1_rail_sample.map is actually included in Radiant.

That said, fullkevlar didn't specify single player or multiplayer, but the entities used in t1_rail are single player specific.

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No coding is required. To do it you would have to place the spawn points in a secluded area, with a trigger to instantly teleport players.

The biggest risk here is lots and lots of telefrags. And this is also assuming you can teleport players to the location of a moving func_train anyhow. Add in the aforementioned physics issues, and personally I don't think it's worth it. You're much better off just faking it visually. And honestly you can probably make it look better that way too.

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Great input thanks!

I had several thoughts on how it might be constructed. 

A moving func train that runs through a brushwork track.  Seems the most intricate, and probably has problems to solve like spawns.   I thought perhaps there would be a way to make spawns safe - playing movie battle 2, they have the ability to spawn anywhere in the map onto a "commander" unit.   I thought perhaps something similar would apply to having spawns somehow tied to the moving train.

Ot with some trickery as you described, scrolling textures, maybe an occasional brushwork mountain or bridge that approaches via func train, while the train is actually stationary.

Though I never reconciled the best way to approach the map.   


Thanks for the ideas and input.


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