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SephFF's WIP

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  • 2 weeks later...

Been working on the Mario map still.

Thanks to college classes im taking my work has slowed down on it but ATM the map is mostly down. I want to get some JApro features working for it and have to where you can race for times on the slide and a race for times on the outside part. The outside part has proven to be a challenge since it is so open and easy bypass a lot of places on the map I am not sure how to set it up where it will feel fun to race on. So I think I will make 2 bsp files, one for the race and one for FFA... FFA being open and free to roam around and the race more restrictive. Not sure how long this will take me to complete so a lot of testing from other users and myself would be needed.


I might go ahead and upload it to here sometime this week so I can get more people to test it. Then update it with fixes as needed.

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