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Pande's Tatooine Spaceport FFA (Remake) Music Change

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I hope I'm asking this in the right section.
Would anyone be able to change the music in Pade's Tatooine Spaceport map to "music/t3_byss/alienhb_action.mp3" instead of the current track? There's no music folder in the .pk3 for me to do a simple edit on like I have on other maps, and I recieve an error code every time I try to edit the .bps file. I've learned a fair bit of JKA modding over the last year, but this has repeatedly stumped me. I found a post on here that described some of the issue, but I must be misunderstanding the solution offered because I cannot replicate the success. 😞


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I believe entity modding might accomplish what you're looking for, although I don't know how to do it.

If you're just looking for a quick music change, type /music <file path> in the console at any time.

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It can be done via entity modding and the music entry is in the first couple lines. Here's how to do the basics of decompiling a bsp to edit some limited info like that:



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