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Charge-Up Force Jumps

Force Jump Type  

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  1. 1. Which force jump type do you prefer?

    • I tried both, and prefer Outcast/Academy force jump
    • I tried both, and prefer Dark Forces II force jump
    • I never tried Dark Forces II force jump
    • I want both

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Hello all!


I've been secretly modding for some time, and I started wondering about a jumpy subject.

The force-jumps in Jedi Outcast / Jedi Academy is very unlike that of the earlier game Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.

The difference? In DF2 you have to hold the space bar for a short time and release it to do a force jump.

It basically charges up with a (imho) cool sound, before you fly up at a dangerously high speed.


If you look at the OpenJK code, in codemp/game/bg_pmove.c you can find the Force Jump code for Outcast/Academy.

However, there is also some old code/comments which implements the chargeable force jump of DF2!

With some tweaking it's possible to enable it and even the bots have some commented out code to use it (kinda).


I really liked the force jump of DF2, even though it can be annoying to fail a force jump.

If you look at the movies, it seems most people use the DF2 style force jump.

The only exception I can find is Yoda, who can force jump like crazy it seems.


Which type do you prefer, and maybe why?

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Both jumps are good in their own way and take advantage of their game mechanics.

In Dark Forces II, there is a lot of platforming, so jumping is necessary to reach certain parts easily.

Jedi Outcast/Academy on the other hand is more combat oriented. A charged jump wouldn't really make sense there, because you have to react quickly. Keep in mind, especially Jedi Academy has a very acrobatic combat style compared to Dark Forces II, so it would look silly if the player jumps twenty feet high just to dodge an attack.

But it would still be interesting to see the charged jump in Outcast/Academy. If there is a way to add a level 4, maybe it should be put in there.

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I haven't played Dark Forces II myself, but I've seen videos of it, and as previously stated, I believe jumping in Jedi Academy is quite cool and fits perfectly with the gameplay IMHO. I've been looking for ages now to be able to try to mod jumping myself (I've no idea of modding whatsoever, though I've checked almost everywhere), yet I never find the way to modify the jump height.

When I was like 10/11, playing MP, I got wrecked by one who not only had changed the force push to be extremely powerful to the point of sending you to "another planet", but he could also jump way higher than what the vanilla game allows you (far beyond forcejump 3). Is there a way to make your force push that powerful and to jump to whatever height you want by modifying the pk3 files or do you need to code something? If this has been already asked or it already exists please let me know, I would create a request thread myself, but I don't usually post often in this forum.

Either way, your idea is great as well! It could be fun to try it out some time.

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