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4 hours ago, Basil Bonehead said:

Made it to the library, still got time before reinforcements arrive. I've searched the whole library top to bottom, hitting the interact key on everything and can't find what i'm suppose to do. what do i do? what do i interact with to progress through the level?

If you look carefully through the shelves, you'll notice one part of holobooks protruding in the wall. Use the Force then.

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I was able to figure it out and beat the mod.

I enjoyed playing this mod.

my only complaint i have is in regard to the final level. It's too dark. The darkness makes the level too confusing to navigate. something resembling moon light would have helped because zooming around in a speeder in a place i can't see is frustrating

The final map and other areas in some maps too dark to the point you need max brightness

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