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How to run OpenJK in 4k?

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Hello, I am fairly new to using OpenJK and I was wondering how I could run my game in 4k. Just to be clear my native resolution is 1080p, but my GPU gives me the ability to upscale my resolution to 4k in the graphics settings. It works when I apply the commands r_customwidth 3840 and r_customheight 2160 to get to 4k in the regular JA, but in OpenJK it creates a small little window that I can barely see out of along with the rest of the desktop showing through while the game is running. I really hope you guys can help me out with this :)

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Using 4K resolutions on a 1080p monitor is essentially the ultimate form of antialiasing available at a very significant cost in FPS. You're not going to see a single sharp edge doing that, but you won't see a 4K resolution like on an actual 4K-supporting monitor. 


If you have the hardware to make the game run smooth enough, may as well experiment with it a little bit. Once that is done though, it just really isn't that worth it. If you do this for other games, I hope you don't mind having some of your game menu options the size of a thumbnail, scaling menus in some games gets really messed up when you do downsampling like that. 

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