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How do you make your own Cutscenes?

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Icarus scripting that use camera commands for enable, disable,zoom, rotate e pan, ref tags used for set the variious camera origins inside the level (you can set a camera origin using areftag entity origin into thje map, more easy that use the map coordinates).
for aciiont of actors. well.remembne that player is invisible into cinematic and you need to add a player NPC as actor for it, that call the player NPC . and also that you need to use a "ping-pong"code that use basically something like that:

camera enable.
affect character A:
Set animation.
set sound.
set watching, facial espression, moving on waypoint, etc etc.
wait (the milisecond value should match with lenght of animations and of audio file played)
Signal "A"
waitisignal "B"

signal C

waitisignal C


Affect character B:

animatios did when listen A.

waitsignal A

sounds of talking

moving etc etc.
signal" B" 
waitsignal "C"
C block code of sound, animation , wait...

etc etc, you can use also the "dowait" function into some case, but for dialogues is better signal \ waitisignal.
at the end of the dialogue make a fading and disable the camera and you got a basic animation.
remember that NPC move the lips only if the lips and jaws of model are rigged, and if there is some audio inside the played track.


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