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Ok, we're all happy for Langerd for winning the Halloween contest, but it's already been X-mas and New Year, but the frontpage hasn't been updated.

Yes, the holidays have passed, and no point in updating it now, but timely updates would still be nice, if anything. And yes, I know the admins are busy with their own lives, but it's something that we, as regular members actually can't do.

Just a piece of my mind. -_-

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Updates are on hold because there are a ton of updates happening behind the scenes. We are moving to a whole new software structure and it's taking awhile to prep for that.


Also, keep in mind we allow user-submitted news. If you people can write decently well and have things you think the community would like to read, go for it. So far we have had only spammy submissions for that since we launched it a few months ago.


But yes, the halloween header on the front page annoys me just as much as it does you. It was especially jarring when we had the Santa hat logo on there as well. :P


tl;dr: expect an update quite soon.


@@Caelum could perhaps exlpain more.


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Yes hello.


I do actually understand why you'd say that; essentially everything we've been doing is very behind-the-screens-y. To give you an idea though, here's some of what we've done over the past two weeks. Keep in mind there's just three of us right now - Circa, Ashura, and me:

  • We manually copied, pasted, and fixed the contents of 185 (!!!!) tutorials into forum posts, one by one, by hand, to prepare for our upcoming forum software migration. They're here now.
  • I made this (work in progress, link may break at any time. This is my personal web development space): https://area51.jkhub.org/index.php
  • They screened, mirrored, and approved 32 mod submissions
In the meantime, we still have real-life stuff going on - for example, I'm emigrating to another country (the UK) in 5 weeks, which has turned my life into an ungodly ocean of stress


My point is, we've been doing absurd amounts of work, and I don't think any of us really want to do something with the front page right now. I certainly don't have the time left to write an elaborate article or run a contest, nor anything newsworthy to report. On the bright side, our entire backend should be running a codebase that isn't 10 years old anymore somewhere this month if things go well, so, y'know, that's nice.


If you have something genuinely newsworthy to report though, we do in fact allow news submissions: https://jkhub.org/topic/9627-user-submitted-news-guidelines/ - I'd welcome them, it's just, like Circa said, in 4 months, we've never had a single news submission from anyone that wasn't basically spam.

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